Saturday, June 23, 2007

Foolin Around With FLASH

Here are some things I did in Flash many months back. The two colour ones are from little animated bits I did just for fun....and the line drawing was for a test for "Iggy Arbuckle", which was done at 'C.O.R.E. Digital' for the National Geographic channel. It should be airing soon if it hasn't already. I didn't end up getting hired for it....but that was okay, because I got to work on "Chop Socky Chooks" at I.D.T. (formerly DKP) before it got pulled and sent to C.O.R.E. Yes, yes....don't get me started on the politics of this nasty industry.
.....So anyway.....I used a mouse to draw the others....using the brush tool.....and I used the line tool to do that other one.
Unfortunately, I was using a trial version of Flash 8....which has now I can't open any old Flash files right now....but when I do....I'll be sure to share them with whomever happens to be looking here at my blog. Bye for now.