Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sad Old House Photos

 Update....THESE are probably the last photos I'll ever take of this house. It's almost entirely collapsed in on itself.

Well.....I think these photos speak for themselves that they may well indeed be the last ones I take of this poor old crumbling house. By an eerie coincidence, when we stopped the car to take the photos, another car was parked there and a man was getting out, eyeing me suspiciously. I told him I try to photograph this house every year and he said ,"It's my house." I replied, "REALLY?" (hoping that maybe he would tell me a bit about it.....but he seemed to want to be left alone.) He took a couple of shots of it with his iPhone and turned to leave. I said, "I like photographing this house so much that I even made a gingerbread house of it." He said, "Are you interested in buying the property?" I said, "How much?" Then he just said, "It's not for sale." He went back to his car looking a bit lost in thought and sad. My guess is he inherited the property from a deceased relative and was going to hang onto it for sentimental reasons, and was sad to see what years of neglect had done to the house that he probably grew up in. That's my guess, anyway.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Old House Gingerbread

And here's a photo for comparison.......and here it is in the daylight. Those other photos were taken late at night.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Decorated "Old House" Gingerbread House.

Well, it's certainly not a replica.....let's just say it is inspired by the old house. Unfortunately, I couldn't find red licorice ribbons, so I had to use sour strawberry "belts" to represent the "Insulbrick". I had fun using PEZ candies as "bricks". I think I'll do a whole house in them some time.
And of course, there's the cat, going to her food bowl. It's almost midnight....time for her to be wide awake. I spent roughly 4 hours decorating this it's off I go to bed.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Year's Gingerbread House

I have an obsession with this house off the Highway near the town of Dundalk. I just love photographing it:
And this year I've decided to make a pattern of it and make it into my new, official, gingerbread house pattern.

That's right. Gingerbread. Here it is, undecorated and suffering a bit from "icing was too thick" syndrome. I almost cried trying to squeeze it through the pastry bag tip. I bought the powdered stuff you just add water to, and I think there might be a misprint. I ended up adding 2 more mL of water and it worked a little better.

I'll thin the icing mixture out a bit more to adhere the candy decorations. But for now, this is how she looks!