Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weird Stuff at the CNE

First of all...BLUE Candy Apples. I didn't want to even try one, no sir! This shade of blue isn't normally something I'd associate with food!

Someone in a Chicken Costume walking around. I think it was a promotion for Maple Leaf farms....but I'm not sure.
A Money Bear!? When I was a kid, we usually wanted a big fluffy cute teddy bear to be won for us....but what kid is going to want to snuggle up to a non-fluffy bear with money printed all over it? I don't think I wanna know!

Sadly, I think the Money Bear is much cuter than the giant Barney the Dinosaur toy hanging by its Achilles' tendon next to it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Lilies Are Blooming

I am a fan of Lilies. I think they are some of the most beautiful flowers in existence. These are my Stargazer Lilies which I have to protect from the wretched Red Lily Beetle. They are EVIL! They are found each spring crawling around the base of the young lily stems. You have to grab the evil creature and CRUSH it. I throw it onto the driveway and step on it. Once they've laid eggs you're in BIG trouble. They defoliate the lilies and they die. You have to be very vigilant and kill the bugs every spring. Luckily, they don't appear to be the least bit interested in Daylilies. Only Asiatic or Oriental Lilies.

Here are some of my beautiful Daylilies:

Someday I'll have even more varieties, but these are all I have right now.