Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pazyryk Tattoo

This is a picture from National Geographic, October 1994. It was drawn from the mummified remains of a woman who died 2500 years ago. What was my first reaction when I saw this? I must have it! It has to live again!
I had to flop the design, because my left arm was already occupied by a Bee. And I felt the curve of the creature's body was too abrupt. So I drew a slightly different version for myself, and showed it off at work, (Nelvana) to get some other people's opinions.

Well, here are a couple of reactions I got. The drawing in the upper right corner was mine, and the other two are from these other layout artists I worked with. They were totally against the idea of people getting tattoos, and they thought I was crazy to want one. I actually had two already.....but they were small. It's funny in animation.....we're all artists, but we are a very diverse group.
Another guy I worked with WAS into tattoos, and he drew THIS for me on my birthday.
I thought it was really cute. That was back when we were working on "Eek The Cat", several years earlier. But I already had a dragonfly on my leg. So I guess I had crossed into the world of the "Tattoo People" back then.


Michelle said...

Hi , Wow, is that really you? Sounds like you're doing good. Thanks for the comments on my Blog. I haven't posted in a while, I've been SOOOoo busy. But hoepfully soon. It was fun seeing your posts here. I love your minitures too. Take care, and keep in touch, Michelle

el pancake said...

hey, what a treat to find your blog site...ah the memories

the guy who was into tattoos and drew that pic for ya

Anonymous said...

I want to know the airdates of Eek! Stravaganza (and The Terrible Thunderlizards and Klutter also). Thanks.

Emperor Karsa said...

HAHAHAA I love that Eek! The Cat picture! too funny! I loved that show.