Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Robot That Started It All

Here's a costume from when my son was in Kindergarten. This is when it hit me that I could dress my kid up in ways that I wished I could have dressed up when I was his age. Crazy, eh? Well, I didn't have much experience with LEDs or anything, so I tried to light his costume with coloured lights I bought at "RadioShack"....(now called The Source....for some corporate marketing reason)....but anyway....I managed to get the lights to work for this ONE PHOTO ONLY. I have since mended the errors made back then, and I believe I could do a much better job now.
The other horrible thing I did wrong when constructing this costume was I forgot that he may have to go up a flight of stairs! He couldn't raise his legs high enough to do that without pushing the box part of the body up and almost knocking the head off! The discovery wasn't made until he wore it to school and they had to parade up to the second floor to show off their costumes! I felt terrible for him, because he looked so forward to being a robot.


Willy Ashworth said...

I once made a robot costume that took me almost 3 months to make. It was so big I was not allowed on the dance floor of the house party Iinvited to, and had to take it off!

I share your son's dissapointment!

Suzanne Dargie said...

I know! That's the big drag about being too enthusiastic about Hallowe'en.
I'm still working on Rich's costume....but it's going to be for next year. Drazen's party got cancelled anyway.