Saturday, February 9, 2008

Brighter Images for Winter Blahs

For those of us who are tired of looking out the window and seeing two foot long icicles hanging from the eavestroughs of their future abode...(like me.....something that can't be repaired until SPRING)
I now present some warmer, fuzzy images. First, the Amaryllis that bloomed last week in the bay window of Rich's parents' house.

And next, my daughter, (who seems to be more camera friendly than her brother) with a felt toy I made for her at her request and specifications. She said a friend had one at school and knowing that Mommy can make just about anything....she soon had one of her own. I find it difficult to say no to her....unless it's something REALLY unreasonable. This little pear sounded like a cute idea.


Rich Dannys said...

Stellar photos, sweetie!! You're becoming a gen-yoo-wine EXPERT with your new 'Digital Camera', I'd say!

The Amaryllis (sp?) turned out very sharp. And you're right.. I think that's one of the cutest pics of your daughter, that I've seen!

Clive said...

Hello Suzanne, thanks for dropping by, am I ever pleased to find your blog and Rich's. I never really knew either of you guys, except to see you, maybe the odd nod of hello, but I've seen Rich around more over the years. I too used to be at Nelvana Jr. High but in the bg department where we painted up your fabulous between the lines. Nice to see some of your character work further into your blog and a treat to read about some of the wonderfully talented characters in your department (and see the gag drawings) on Rich's. I'll add both you guys to my links and all the best for the new year.

Suzanne Dargie said...

Hello Clive, Thanks for blog visiting! I'll be adding you to my links as well!