Saturday, August 9, 2008

What's Suzanne Up To NOW?

Last weekend, Rich and I went to a friend's house in London Ontario. This friend has known Rich since before High School, and he is now an emergency room doctor AND a coroner. We had dinner and went swimming and had a great visit. During that visit, the subject of skulls came up......and to make a long story short, he ended up GIVING me this moose skull he and his sons had found on a hunting trip a couple of years back! After searching the internet on how to clean skulls properly, I started to work on the jaws. I haven't done the actual skull yet, but that's next on my list.
I soaked the jaws (and cervical vertebrae) in a warm solution of "Amaze" because I couldn't find a product called "Biz" here in Canada. It actually DID clean the bones quite well, although it smells like you're giving a very smelly, wet dog a bath. It was kind of disgusting when a large mass of white, spongy-looking material came out of the main canal in the jawbone. I figured it was the remainder of the vein or nerve that runs through to the teeth.
Anyway, here are the jaws drying in the sun. I didn't want to leave them outside because they were attracting flies!
I'm also working on another mosaic. This time it's a whole coffee table that I picked up at Goodwill for $10. Ironically, the tiles cost more than that!
I've also been trying to complete a little mural for my son's bedroom wall. He chose these particular Dr. Suess characters, but now he wants me to add some Pokemon. I don't really want to. And, of course my daughter is asking the same thing. Kids just don't understand what a unifying theme is.
How does she do it all, you may ask? Well, we don't own a television! That's the key. If you want to spend more time being creative, don't watch T.V. It eats up a huge chunk of your time.


Willy Ashworth said...

Maybe next you could make a "moosesaic"....


Suzanne Dargie said...

Yes! I will eventually end up doing something like that. Hmmmmmm...Dia des los Muertos mosaic moose skulls.
Sounds good!

Ted Bastien said...

didn't Rich take the TV from his parent's place. after all he bought it

heh heh


Suzanne Dargie said...

That TV DIED! His Dad had to buy a new one.