Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stuffed Toy Making

I decided it would be fitting to show off one of the first stuffed toys I ever made. He was made from a kit that we used to order through my Junior High School's 'Home Ec' class. The pattern was printed directly on the back of the fake fur, and the eyes and other parts came in a plastic bag with very simple instructions printed on a sheet of paper. I remember even the stuffing was included. I had also ordered a Baby Skunk and White Kitten....but those are long gone. We're talkin' 1978 here people. Anyway, this Dachshund, who measures about 14 inches from nose to tail is the only one I've been able to hold onto through all my years of moving from place to place. I've always been a huge fan of stuffed animals, owning about 50 of them when I was a girl.My daughter has beat my record by now. I'm sure she must own over 50 furry friends by now. The latest toy she asked for was one of the "Rayman Raving Rabbids" from a Wii game she and her brother have. I told her that instead of ordering one, I'd just make her one. And so, here it is:

Crazy looking, isn't it? Well, she was thrilled to see him come to life this weekend. As if I didn't already have enough little chores to do. I don't mind making a toy as long as I know it's going to be loved....And I can tell this one is.

(She's just getting her adult front teeth, that's why they look weird)


Valerie Lopez said...

That is so adorable, your daughter and the cute Rabbid you made! I have a question, did you work with Brad Goodchild? He was Production Manager for Beetle Juice. I found your art blog by googling Beetle Juice and it is so great that you worked on that show! I Loved that show as a kid and still do. I'm new in the animation Industry, and I would love it if you can take a look at my Art Blog and give me a few tips on my drawings! I would love your professional opinion on it! Thanks!

Michelle said...

HI Suzanne

How are you. Nice Bluejay. I've been busy making stuffed toys as well and doing some artwork. I'm currently looking for work so I'm thinking of giving some art lessons. Anyway check out my facebook and I have some toys posted there.

Percy Pernell said...

That's too cool!
We had those kits way back when.....I made a mouse and my brother made a bat.