Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Photos

This is probably the clearest photo I've been able to manage through our window screen into the backyard so far! One of our frequent visitors was quite close and I photographed him...or her.
While visiting my brother-in-law, I not only photographed the old delapidated house, but some photos of his house and yard also. In the vast vegetable garden there was a grasshopper who didn't try to jump away as I got close.

And what would a visit be without photographing Clark....eternal puppy, killer of mice, voles and groundhogs.

Clark was eager to lick my husband's face! He was shedding like crazy though....Clark I mean...not my husband.

And here is the Dannys' residence.....after a lot of restoration work. The house is from the early 1900s I'm told.

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