Sunday, April 8, 2012

Raccoon in a Tree

Around 5 PM last night, while I was waiting for our roast to cook in the oven, I was looking out our bedroom window at our next door neighbour's Elm tree. It's a gorgeous tree....but anyway, I saw an animal in it that I first thought was a cat. I went outside with my camera to zoom in on the critter. I figured if it had been a cat it would have been meowing to get down, but this one seemed right at home and was having a nap. Even through the highest zoom I still couldn't see 100 % if it was a raccoon, but today, when I lightened the images, that's exactly what the animal was. I saw him stirring as the sun was setting and he's not there today, so I figured he was possibly wandering out of his usual territory, and just using the tree as a safe haven until nightfall returned.

Here's a look at how high up he was....I've circled him in red. Wild animals sure are tough.....the sun may have been warm, but the wind was cold. I guess that's why they have such a thick coat of fur.

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