Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Roast Turkey Cake

Start by baking four round cake layers and freeze them. Cut one directly in half....for the ends. The other two, cut one quarter off each. Reserve the fourth one for the legs.

Ice the layers together

Carve into the basic shape of a turkey body

I added a "Pope's nose"

Next, add "wings" from leftover bits of the circular cakes

Ice them with the buttercream, putting it back in the freezer as necessary to keep everything firm

The most difficult part is the legs.

Once you're happy with your legs, ice them. Remember, freeze your cake any time it gets too soft to work with during the previous stages.

Add fondant, rolled out as large as you can to 1/8th of an inch thickness. I mixed ready made chocolate and white together to achieve this colour. 

Use a grater pressed into the fondant for the turkey skin texture and a spoon handle to define creases.

Mix copper Wilton gel colour with a bit of rum or Triple Sec and some cocoa powder then brush on with a pastry brush.

Do not freeze the cake again once the fondant has been applied.

Stipple with a mixture of cocoa powder mixed with the alcohol. Make it thick, like a paste.

Put "Lamb Chop Panties" on the ends of the "feet"

I made marzipan carrots and added some green food colouring (Wilton gel colour) to some leftover buttercream.

Ta Da! Fool your friends!

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