Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back To Hallowe'en

Because I don't have a digital camera...yet....we laid this quilt directly on Rich's scanner. I made it last year, and it's a twin size quilt. I was too eager to finish it so I abandoned the idea of making it a double. He loves it, and uses it all year 'round. I got the pattern off of a quilt block website, and the blocks form spiderwebs. It looks even better as a whole, and as soon as I get a chance, I'm going to photograph the entire thing.
I think the best part was going out and finding all the various Hallowe'en fabric!
And here are my kids dressed up a couple years ago as a Black Cat, and I forget who that other guy was. You know .....someone from Star Wars......oh I forget his name.......(I hope you know I'm being sarcastic!) Anyway, I had to buy the helmet and light saber, but the rest of the outfit I made. I found him great boots at Value Village. (That store is amazing for finding Hallowe'en stuff!)
And here's an earlier one of my son as a Viking. It all started when he won a prize from TVO Kids which was a book on Vikings. He thought it would be great to be one, so I made it happen. I made the sheepskin vest out of scraps I got for free from a leather shop near Spadina and Queen. It took a lot of work to piece them together, but it was worth it.
The helmet is papier mache, as well as the axe blade. The horns I carved from curved Juniper branches, and the little rivets on the helmet are actually lentils. Oh the fun you can have with craft glue!
The suede boots came from a yard sale, and I just shortened them a bit. I made the shield out of plywood and painted it according to a Viking design on a brooch, (from that book.)


Rich Dannys said...

Kent's costume turned out AWEsome!! And the "Dark Father" is a humdinger, too!
It's the kind of costume that he'll brag about to his friends, when he's a young adult..

You already know that I LOVE the Quilt you made me..
When I have my mid-afternoon nap, I like to crawl under it. It protects me from the AC's frosty blast.
And before ya knows it,-- I'm flyin' off to yonder SlumberLand!

Love Ya, Sweet SoozyPie!!

Willy Ashworth said...

Rich has a blanky? Ahhh!

Suzanne, WERE do you find the time? Work, two kids, etc?

Rich Dannys said...

Do I detect a bit of Jealousy here, Willy?! I think I DO! heh

Yeah, yeah.. I'm sure I'm nauseating a few folks with my Blankie story. But it gives me so much Love & never asks for anything, in return!

I've seen Suzanne's batteries run out, from time-to-time.. But it's a RARE occurence!.. She always seems to have a full tank of creative energy to burn.

Suzanne Dargie said...

Hey! I use the blanket too sometimes. It's not JUST Rich's.......okay, I guess it is....because the one I use has a fish theme. I found all the fabric I could with fish or water designs. I'll have to post that one eventually.
But right now I'm staying up late creating our Hallowe'en Costumes.