Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Minotaur Head

Here are some close ups of just the head. It's sitting on the amazing dressmaker's dummy that I got......yes....out of somebody's garbage. Actually, they had wheeled it to the curb, and it only had a few cobwebs on it, so I grabbed it. Now it helps me make Hallowe'en costumes.
So, here, in the middle of the living room, is the Minotaur's head. In the background, near his nose, you can see my bottle of "Weldbond" glue. That stuff's amazing! It's water washable and it glues almost anything TO anything. I also used it on my dollhouse. I love it....and it's a Canadian product too.Well, I'm going back to work tomorrow, so the frequency of my posts will DEFINITELY diminish. I hope to be kept busy working on a feature film, using Maya. I'll be in the layout department. Well, Bye for now!


the doodlers said...

Nice Minotaur!

Hey... check this out:

It's my son Max's girlfriend's piece. Thought you might like to see.

Suzanne Dargie said...

Wow! That was a pretty freaky looking mask! It looks HUGE! I noticed she uses chicken wire for the base. Mine is just cardboard, lots of masking tape, and papier mache. I do things as low cost as I can.

Except for the bear skin. But it WAS half price!