Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Stump House

Here are some photos of the stump house I made way back in 1996 while living in Arizona. I got the idea from a Miniatures magazine, and they suggested using real bark......but I had to make due with foamcore and papier mache. I had to buy the moss and dried fungi from Michael's Arts and Crafts, since there was no way I was going to find THAT stuff laying around in Scottsdale! Even the acorns came from Canada during a visit.
Here's the Dining Area......complete with acorn stew and red wine in a tiny Tabasco sauce bottle.
I liked the bed most of all. In the magazine, it was supposed to be a "fairy house"....but I made it with a mouse in mind as the inhabitant.
Under the bedroom was a storage area for bags of seeds and corn.
I made a bedroom window with an overhanging fungus as an awning.
Sadly, this house no longer exists. I cannibalized it for another project. Part of the foamcore went into the base of my Haunted House.
Now that I'm back living permanently in Canada, I COULD make one following the original plans. I DO still have the magazine!


Willy Ashworth said...

Just lovely as always!

So, why not a house for a "fairy mouse"?

What a talent you are my friend!

Camera Girl said...

Ah thats beautiful! Why would you destroy it!I love miniture thing!!