Monday, October 27, 2008

The Kids' Costumes

So here are the costumes I made for the kids. My daughter wanted to be a devil......I have no idea why.......but she did. So I based a body-suit on one of her bathing suits out of 4 way stretch velveteen, then made a skirt out of red chiffon and sequinned fabric based on an eight-point-skirt design. Her jacket is a red knitted scarf that I discovered was a tube and if cut in half and made "sleeves". I joined it together at the back, then added red marabou around the "collar" and front edges.

The shoes were a great find......white leather dancing shoes that were in a clearance bin that I painted red with acrylic paint and red glitter! Red opaque tights complete the costume. Of course she felt her Hallowe'en Webkinz Bat had to be included in the photo too.

My son's costume wasn't difficult, but I was trying not to spend a lot of money, so we re-used his cape from his old Darth Vader costume, and I bought a clearance priced white dress shirt for him. (He was supposed to wear black pants for our little photo shoot, but he forgot them at his Dad's house.) I fashioned a vest out of an old pyjama top of mine and made the amulet out of a great find from "Arton Beads" and a red ribbon.
The teeth I had to hunt around for, but since I had needed fangs for my Medusa costume, I bought two sets when I was buying mine.

Here's a cool/creepy idea I came up with. I have a deer skull that my sister's twins found out in the woods and gave to me. It must have been a buck, because it was found with the top of its cranium cut off (meaning someone took the antlers). I was never sure what to do with it until now. I put a candle in it, and voila, its a great Hallowe'en prop!
It looks bizarre because the bones from the nasal cavity have dissintegrated.

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