Tuesday, October 28, 2008

13 Hour Clock Restored

This is a prop from a few years ago, but I was never happy with the way I spaced the numbers. I tore them off and tried to make it into a regular 12 hour clock at one point, but due to the extreme oval shape of the face, it didn't tell acurate time. So yesterday, I said to myself that I would fix it. I dug up the extra pack of numbers I had and restored it to the Hallowe'en prop that it was meant to be. I originally wanted to carve bats and mice, but after finding these little guys at "Dollarama" I just glued them on. The pine panel wasn't cheap. I got that at "Michaels" along with the clock mechanism and numbers. It looks cool when you see that the hands actually work!

See the rabbit skull at the bottom? I've had it around 20 years and I've made it into a necklace.


el pancake said...

did you find that rabbit skull out at Sandbanks way back when? (or am I getting all confused?)

Clive said...

I usually find the rabbit skulls in the rabbit. Whew, what an interesting summer you've had at work and at play. It's officially over here so I'm back browsing during the monsoons. Familiar faces in your blog too! Eveyone is aging so well; darn, I should have made that pact awhile back before it was too late.

Willy Ashworth said...


....as usual.

Suzanne Dargie said...

Clive you're too kind! I complain every day to Rich about how old I'm starting to look!

El Pancake, I aquired this rabbit skull along with a female friend when we visited an Italian butcher shop and bought two rabbits for dinner. She helped me cook them and we boiled the skulls afterwards just out of curiosity. I don't know if she kept hers, but I kept mine!

Thanks Willy for saying my stuff is cool! No one would have ever called me cool in Jr High School!

el pancake said...

forget those Degrassi days, it's you now that's important
..sorry for the confusion...I had a memory of finding a skull out at Sandbanks....time to get MY skull examined
Clive..just keep that self portrait in the attic and go have a debauched life...it really works!