Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Elm Next Door

You know, I thought I knew a fair amount about nature, but I didn't know that the gorgeous tree our next door neighbours have in their backyard is an Elm! I thought all Elms were killed off in Southern Ontario by Dutch Elm Disease, but apparently there are a few tough ones that have survived.

This tree houses squirrels and raccoons as well as providing food for the local Cottontails. I see them out there eating the fallen leaves and twigs.

We have a family of Cottontails living nearby because I often see two of them in our yard around our birdfeeder. This morning I saw three of the little cuties! I was only able to photograph the 6:30 this morning.....and they wouldn't hold still.
I know they can cause a lot of damage to people's gardens, but they just seem to be eating the grass and clover...and the occasional dandelion. I like to put chicken wire around my vegetables though....just in case.

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