Friday, June 5, 2009

Me Singing at Starz Music Night II

I apologize for the poor quality of this video, but I had to record it with my digital camera off of my computer screen from the DVD. A special thanks goes out to Dave (Bass Slave) Bachelor for making this song happen. It was actually the ONLY song I really wanted to sing that night, and it almost didn't get on the playlist! The sound quality isn't horrible, but the visuals are very blurry. Let me know what you know who I mean....Willy and Denis!


el pancake said...

almost didnt make the playlist?!?!..they should've had you sing MORE!!...the this from a couple of years back?
..well done (Grace Slick is not an easy person to capture)!!
...and is that a light show going on on the TV screen behind you, or am I just tripping?

Suzanne Dargie said...

Yes, that's a lightshow thing they had going on back there.
Yeah, that was in March 2007 I believe. One song I had to sing for the benefit of a couple of OTHER guys was "Underneath It All" by the Black Eyed PEES! I hated singing that song. But THIS song I loved doing. I didn't get a chance to properly rehearse though because the original drummer and rhythm guitarist for it dropped out, leaving a last minute scramble for Jean Pilotte to fill in.
It was just supposed to be a fun filled evening.....not a talent contest.