Thursday, September 17, 2009

Magic Powder Jars

I decided to include some examples of "Magic Powders" for Hallowe'en props.

"Sacrificial Residue" is a mixture of old spices that had been hanging around for years. Some cinnamon, paprika, ground cloves etc. I think "Powder of the Undead" is a variation on that with some flour mixed in. "Magic Beans" are just the 'seeds' you get when you buy a pack of string beans to plant in your garden.

The "Pure Egyptian Mummy Dust" is flour and powdered ginger. My label for "Presifted Graveyard Dust" got damaged, but then I thought, "it's supposed to be old and ratty" I left it as is. "Dried Wolfbane" is actually Thyme from my garden.....dried. Remember, if you bottle anything moist, it will grow mold. It happened with some "Wormwood" I bottled, and now it's a terrible mess.


Rich Dannys said...

This is usually how she turns me into a Minotaur.. sneaks a bit of this stuff, into a meal at night!


Suzanne Dargie said...

Smart ass!

el pancake said...

glad that graveyard dust was pre-sifted

Suzanne Dargie said...

I don't want chunks in your Graveyard Dust!