Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More CNE Photos

First of all, there were honey bees in the Farm building. The Queen has a dot on her back. This photo is a bit blurry and the bees were behind glass.

There was a petting zoo featuring a Yak who apparently acted in the latest "Mummy" film. His name is Kang. I think Yaks are great! Bos Grunnies! (actually Bos Grunniens, but Bos Grunnies sounds cuter!)

My son couldn't believe how cuddly the sheep were! I think he could've taken a nap on one right there!

Of course there were alpacas too!

Here's an interesting ride...a dragon roller coaster!

Kent and Maeve shared a car on the "Speedway" ride

And they also shared a cotton candy! Kent was going to try a blue apple, but we couldn't find them! The ones I photographed were gone! I guess that's a good sign!

Here's some footage of the kids on a carousel!


el pancake said...

I always thought Bos Grunnies sounded like the name of some corrupt tycoon from the 19th century

Suzanne Dargie said...

And he looked a bit like Edward G Robinson