Monday, October 5, 2009

More Hallowe'en Stuff

Yes, when I'm unemployed I keep myself busy with hobbies....and for some strange reason I often seem to be out of work around Hallowe'en. Hmmm. Strange...but anyway, here's the owl decoy BEFORE:


It's going to be dark out so I exaggerated the markings a bit.

And here's a new project...the CAULDRON! I had a big plastic outdoor planter that was just the right size. I drew a template for the curves of the cauldron, made a whole bunch more out of cardboard and attached them with latex caulking. (I decided to use it because the masking tape wasn't working too great and I just happened to have some left-over caulking lying around the house)

I began to papier maché over the cardboard and now it's starting to look really cool. I'll post more photos as I progress.

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