Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Antique Tins

While going through Rich's Mom's old sewing basket, I came across these wonderful little tins! They had pins and snaps stored in them, but I moved their contents somewhere else. I felt these tins were too great a treasure to have things like that stored in them!
The first tin says "NIGROIDS" and that they were manufactured by the Ferris & Co. Ld.(Ltd) in Bristol England. I did a bit of research and found out they were liquorice throat pastilles. The second tin isn't as interesting at first, and just says ATLAS PASTILLES....embossed into the lid.
But upon opening the tin, you see that the bottom is made from what appears to be Wartime Recycling. A printed tin for a different product, possibly cocoa because Droste is a chocolate manufacturer, has been used for the bottom of the tin. I find this very interesting!

The next tin is a very flat cigar tin. There were actually a few of these in the sewing basket, but this one was in the best shape. A lot of people smoked in the days of Rich's parents' lifetime....and it seemed very popular in Holland where his Mom came from. I'm guessing these cigars were probably smoked by her father, Rich's Opa ...or Grandfather.

Speaking of cigar tins, these were everywhere in Rich's parents' house! They were used to store pencils, pencil crayons, drill bits etc. This is one that's in really good shape. Most of them are quite scratched.
Here's a shot of the interior. I was told Gouden Oogst (pronounced KHOWduh ohKHst) means Golden Harvest.
This last one is not a tin but a wooden cigar box. The exterior is pretty beat up, but inside the lid is this very high quality label, embossed and printed full 4 colour process with metallic gold!
Rich says he really likes the design of it!
(I personally think the Jester looks creepy, but it is a cool design.)


Willy Ashworth said...

So cool!

Suzanne Dargie said...

I know! I LOVE antiques and old weird stuff. Sometimes I go to Goodwill and Value Village just to see the interesting collection of stuff people have had hoarded in their homes for years...that someone finally got rid of. Sadly, it's usually because the person died.
But it's still fascinating!