Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pazyryk Tattoo Stuff

I'm collecting the old encyclopedia set, Man, Myth and Magic by Richard Cavendish printed in about 1970, and I was surprised to come across the following image in the Tattoo chapter!
Not much was written about it, except that it was from a "Siberian chief who lived in the 5th century BC."

I already had this National Geographic from 1994 which had this recent find of a mummified woman dug up in Siberia....now known as The Ice Maiden......who had this beautiful design tattooed on her arm. I was confused because I thought "How can a book from the '70s have this photo in it when they said they just found this woman in the '90s?" (I know the above photo is a very different tattoo...I just meant I didn't know that there had been other finds with tattoos prior to hers.)

After a bit of Internet research, I discovered that the original Pazyryk tattooed body was found back in 1948 on the Ukok Plateau also. The Plateau is located in Siberia, near the borders of Khazakstan, China and Russia.
I have some Northern European blood (Polish...but close enough) in my background, so I always like to think I have a connection to the Ukok Plateau

I modified the design because my left arm already had a tattoo, and I'm happy to discover that mine is facing the same way as the 1948 find. Here's how my tattoo looked when it was new...and I was a lot younger. 1995 or '96.

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JThomason said...

Thank you for acknowledging your affinity to the deer tribe.