Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Papier Maché Chinese Lion Head

Okay....this isn't a tutorial. I get too distracted when I do those. This is just something I wanted to do because my daughter really wanted a Chinese New Year Lion puppet. I still have to work on the body....but this is how I started the head.

Then I built up the forms with masking tape.

Added a layer of papier maché. I guess I should mention the real FIRST step is collecting photo reference.....and I noticed they had a shiny mirror thing in their foreheads. So I found a dome button and covered it in tinfoil.

Second layer of papier maché....and the bottom jaw....made of thin card and painted with acrylics.

The next steps were painting the paper maché once it was dry, and once the paint was dry, gluing on fake fur and sparkly fabric. Oh yeah, and making separate ears and pom pom nose decorations.

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