Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kid's Hallowe'en Costumes 2010

This year, I didn't think providing the kids with their costumes was going to be my job....I thought their father was going to take care of it or else I wouldn't have made them costumes. So yesterday, off we went to the crowded mall to buy ready-made ones. My son recently turned 13, so of course he's getting into scarier he chose this one. Out of shear luck it fit him!

Of course my daughter, being still 9 years old, chose a Princess costume. It was the last one in that style at the store.....probably because it was slightly damaged....actually flawed. I noticed it seemed to have a tear in the front seam where the white fabric joined the coloured panel down the front...but on closer inspection, I realized the sewing was just off. This was actually a good thing because I was able to fix it by hand when we got home. She had tried it on over her regular clothes in the store, so we knew it would fit her. I got her a plastic tiara at an accessory store and she was done!

She borrowed my silver wedding shoes for this photo but she has silver ballet slippers at her Dad's that she can wear.
Mission accomplished!

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