Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Haliburton Forest

 I went to the Haliburton Forest where my Mom has a camp site, and apart from being bitten many times by mosquitoes, I had a very good experience. First of all, I saw these fascinating mushrooms everywhere.  I believe the above species is a Fly Agaric.....which is most commonly known as being red with white spots, but I discovered there are orange/yellow varieties.
 Below look to me like "Jack o'lantern". All are very poisonous.

 I got to hear Loons calling out in their hauntingly beautiful voices. This was as close as I could photograph this one from the shore with my zoom lens at maximum capacity. They're very shy birds, and if you get too close to them, they dive like a little penguin and pop up in a completely new location.....with only their head peeking above the water.

 We went out in my Mom's canoe, and visited the rocks where there is graffiti from 1877!

 In the morning, I startled a little Red Squirrel who gave me quite a scolding! I quickly photographed him before he ran up the tree!
 Below is the lake in the still of the morning....approx. 8:00 A.M. This is MacDonald Lake. A wonderfully clean lake which made me feel as though I'd had a spa treatment after swimming in those waters!

 Later, we went for a walk and I spotted these butterflies. I believe they are Bog Fritillaries.

 We then visited the moose that had been rescued when he was orphaned from his mother who had been killed by a truck on a highway. He's much bigger now than he was when they rescued him.
 Part of the Haliburton Forest is dedicated to being a sanctuary for animals in danger.
Back at my mother's campsite is a stump that would make a perfect little fairy house.
 My Mom pointed out these fascinating mushrooms called "Earth's Tongue"

Wintergreen with flowers

Wintergreen with berries


A curious fungus emitting a rusty coloured powder growing from a stump

Interesting black cup mushrooms growing nearby the above fungus

I was fascinated by the tiny world amongst the lichen and Sphagnum Moss

It looks like an alien landscape

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