Thursday, September 12, 2013

Haliburton Forest Wolves

 They have a wolf centre at the Haliburton Forest which I really wanted to visit, so my Mom took me there. I wasn't aware of the horrible incident that had happened during the winter, that some fools had cut through the fence of the wolf enclosure and allowed four of the wolves to escape. Three males, and one female. The female was the Alpha female, and of course one of the males was the Alpha male. Sadly, two of the escaped wolves were killed by gunshot wounds, by hunters or owners of livestock....mistaking the animals for wild wolves, and the others haven't returned. This left four females only at the wolf centre.  These first few photos are of them.

 The above photo is Molly. She was born with a condition that left her blind in one eye. This beautiful creature would not have been able to survive in the wild.....which is why it's so wonderful that she lives at the wolf centre. The four females are all sisters.
 After I had visited, I learned that the centre had found a male from another wolf centre out west. My Mom was there visiting, and took the following photos:

 This is a photo of the new male, named Fang, investigating his new companions. Notice how two of the females are protecting their weaker sister, Molly.
 Here is Fang amongst the females. He's quite larger.

 The above photo is of Fang with Luna....the most dominant of the females who has now become the new Alpha. It's hoped that the two will continue to bond and produce offspring.

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