Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Ghost of Hallowe'en Costumes Past!!!

Here are some scary photos from my distant past. I happened to find a site, which I now have linked to my blog under the heading of Ugly Old Hallowe'en Costumes, which contains tons of images of those horrid, cheap plastic costumes we poor kids of the 70's were forced to tolerate every Hallowe'en. Well not me! I only remember wearing ONE, and it was Little Red Riding Hood. It was most likely purchased at "Woolco" at Agincourt Mall! Here is a photo of me wearing only the plastic "apron" part of it along with a red woolen ski hat, because my Mom knew the mask was nearly impossible to see through, and it looked stupid......and it smelled funny.
That's me, behind the other kids....looking mildly sulky.
I have to laugh at the ingenuity of the kid dressed as a pirate's parents for colouring in a piece of paper to make it "black", so he could have a proper eye patch! He also had a cardboard sword covered in tin-foil. I was probably jealous.Here's what my Mom used to do for us. She would take two socks, cut them a certain way, then sew them back together again forming a little "cat" hood. She'd put a cotton ball in the heels of the old socks, and BEHOLD! Cat ears. This is me on the left in white, and my sister in black on the right. We were probably around 8 years old. (She was the "man" because she was taller.)
Here I am using the same sock cat hood AGAIN! Our Mom liked to recycle.
Here's me again trying to be a Hobo. That was always such a cheap cop-out. A hobo. I decided to use an empty booze bottle and put water in it and put it in a paper bag. Ah.....authenticity.
I think the scariest thing about THIS photo is the hideous orange curtains we had in our house!
Here's another pretty scary home-made costume. Scary because I had a really bad perm, and I had NO IDEA how to apply eye-liner. I also used almost an entire cake of white eyeshadow on my face too. I'm also wearing a turtleneck ! Now THAT'S scary. This photo was taken the LAST year I went Trick or Treating. I had just turned 12, and my parents thought I was too old for that stuff.


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Suzanne Dargie said...

I know. It's pretty damn scary when people start diggin' out the old 70's photos!

el pancake said...

I was mostly "wowed" by you with 5 o'clock shadow
....not something you see everyday
thanks for sharing the old photos