Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Few More Miniatures

Here are some clearer photos of some mini-fish trophies I made a few years ago for a lighthouse I started to build. I showed them in a much earlier post, but they weren't as clear as these. I only had one colour of "Sculpy" (polymer clay that hardens in the oven), so I had to hand paint them with acrylic craft paint for the details. The Muskie is about 3 and a half inches long.A spiny dogfish....very shark-like in appearance.
An Atlantic Wolffish....which are supposed to be really nasty and have been known to bite at fisherman's oars!
This last image was taken many years ago, before my dollhouse ended up in the garage. My kids have since trashed the little fridge, which I made from an old tea box, a ball point pen clip, and some balsa wood. It had "Sculpy" food in green cheese, dragon milk, a lizard on a plate. You know....witchy stuff.
I'll have to rebuild it all some day.


Willy Ashworth said...

Hi susanne

I see you have Razmina's name up there. Marie studied with her as well!

Did you ever see Marie's film on Belly dancing?

Did I ever bring a copy in to show you?

Still dancing?

Suzanne Dargie said...

No! I remember you were GOING to bring it in, but then we got laid off....unexpectedly. Remember the Chops Socky fiasco?
Well, I received an email announcing that Yasmina now has a blog, so I linked her so I could read it. I haven't been to bellydance classes in well over a year now, and I'm getting very rusty! I still have a few CDs and in the new house, I find myself remembering some of the moves! Usually it's while I'm painting the walls!

el pancake said...

playing at the reception for Marie's directorial debut is still one of my favourite gigs of all time!

Suzanne Dargie said...

I TRIED to show Willy that video of me singing at "Ladies Night" at the "Spadina Hotel", but the tape wouldn't work on his VCR. Oh well. I recall El Pancake playing the clarinet that well as bass guitar!

el pancake said...

there was Ladies Night and there was our farewell performed twice with us..the first time doing a Siouxie Sioux song, the second time a group effort doing I Cant Stand The Rain
..I have a video of the farewell show and I recall Willy did too, but maybe he's lost it along with your email address, (he said oh so subtly)
...ah those were the days..all gone, I'm afraid

the doodlers said...

Hi Suzanne. Just stopped by to get familiar with some of your miniature posts... they beg for stop-mo characters!!

Plus, we added you to our blog links!


Arna and John

Suzanne Dargie said...

Thank You very much! Now if only I could get Cuppa Coffee to accept me....