Thursday, April 24, 2008

MORE Dollhouse Stuff

Okay, I did it! Instead of using Rich's scanner, I photographed old photographs with my digital camera. It worked like a charm!
Here's what my Haunted dollhouse looked like before I had to tear off the front.Here is the interior "Hallowe'en Feast" going on. Some of the food still exists, except for the really cool "Jell-o mold" at the back. It was made of coloured silicon. I bought it at a miniatures show.....but of course my children eventually destroyed it.
Here is the little house I built while living in Arizona. The kit only cost me $13!!!!! It was one of those punch out, die cut things. Some of the furniture is Chrysenbon. I find their stuff a little small for 1/12 scale....but it's still really cute.
Here's an old late 1980's photo of me and my very first dollhouse. I built it while I was going to Sheridan College in Oakville. I made it into a haunted house of course. This was a very blurry photo.
Here's one shot of the interior. It was VERY simple inside. I fell in LOVE with the skeleton wallpaper and used it in the tiny upstairs as well.
Now onto a couple customized Barbies! The doll on the right was originally blonde, and I painstakingly coloured each strand with a black "Sharpie" marker. Crazy, eh? I also had to paint her eyebrows darker and give her a bindi (the decoration on her forehead).
The doll on the left was a proper "Indian" Barbie, but I wanted to make her look less I kept her choli (shirt) and made a new skirt for her. And I had to give her more bangles.
Here are three Barbies that I customized. I'm planning on doing more bellydancers, but I haven't had time! There is a previous post where I showed my Xena Barbie. I sold her.
I know I posted my Burqa Barbie before, but here are some clearer photos.
Surprise. She's the bellydancer. It's sort of a political statement. I got the idea from those "United colours of Beneton" ads, where they showed some Afghani girls with and without their burqas. (Well, lifted up...not really without.)


Rich Dannys said...

More Burqa Barbies?!

Suzanne Dargie said...

Oh you!

el pancake said...

I remember you brought some of these in to George's (I think the Xena one and a trailer trash Barbie)

Suzanne Dargie said...

Yes! I'd forgotten about that one! She was Trailer Trash Skipper to be exact. I even made a little pack of Export A cigarettes for her. Ahhhh, memories. She's long gone.

smehreen said...

you have a lot of patience! coloring hair with a sharpie! :D great job on the makeover by the way...

kika said...

oi sou brasileira e gostaria de saber se vc vender essa barbie burca? vc fala portugues ou espanhol?

hello i´m kika, a dont speak ingles, i like your barbie burca? do you sell?? for sedex?