Friday, April 11, 2008

The Whole House

Some of you have asked how big the actual house it to the old milk can on the left. I'm sure we're all old enough to remember THOSE!
It's sitting on top of its base that contains the basement and "secret room" ( you can see the secret exit on the bottom to the right) and I used to have a big papier mache landscaped garden attached.....but in order to transport it, we had to cut it off. So now the base is bare, and you can see the ramshackle structure built of old orange crate wood and foamcore! The garden was full of old juniper prickles and thorn I won't be bothered replacing it.


Willy Ashworth said...

So, here is a question. Why AREN'T you working at Cuppa?

Should be, I'd say.

Suzanne Dargie said...

Wellllllll....I did apply there...a COUPLE of times......and I DID get an interview...ONCE. I showed some photos of my dollhouse interiors, but the woman who interviewed me didn't seem that impressed.
She told me they used a lot of stuff I wasn't that familiar with. Like armatures.....built from scratch out of rods and ball and socket joints. Well...I'd never dealt with any of THOSE things before.
I was recently debating carving or sculpting a marionette to use as a portfolio piece. I had one once, but her face was so ugly, she looked like Michael Jackson.
Enough said!

Lisa said...

Did you design, create and build this house yourself?
It's enough work building a dollhouse from a kit (I did that) however from scratch is amazing.
I'll have to post some photos of my dollhouse.

Did you design your avatar?

Suzanne Dargie said...

No, I didn't have time to design an avatar, so I took it from an Indian Painting I liked. As for the dollhouse, I bought a kit, then customized it....adding on the one side, then extending the tower. The kit had it flush with the roofline. I used scraps of plywood and a whole lotta glue! My jigsaw came in very handy!

Lisa said...

Where did you buy your dollhouse from? How about all the mini items.
I shopped mostly at
I have landscaping all around my dollhouse. It's the 'Garfield'. The only customization I did was put in a dormer in the third.

Lisa said...

thanks for visiting my site - I replied there with additional comments.

I checked out what the Victoriana looks like. Wow, you really DID do alot of work!

Sometimes I day dream about replacing all the windows in my dollhouse with pre-cuts but I don't see myself ever actually investing that much time.
With cats, foster cats, my book, future books, work, and a social life, well . . . no time!