Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hallowe'en 2008

Well here it little "haunt". I began putting things out in the afternoon and we had surprisingly mild temperatures....which was good because I've been fighting off a throat infection.

Here's the "Graveyard" featuring homemade tombstones made from styrofoam I purchased at "Lewiscraft", a craft store here in Canada, which has sadly gone the way of the Dodo bird.

Here is my little "coffin" table which is set up sort of like an altar.

Now this little guy is my trick....but everyone was so enthralled with the graveyard that no one took notice of him. I named him "Brownie" because he was based on a "Little Brown Bat"...but he ended up being more the size of a "Big Brown Bat". He's made out of sheepskin, leather and glue. What do you think? Is he convincing?
Here's a little thing I learned from a pretty creepy Hallowe'en site called "Darksite" I believe. There it is suggested to hang a little sign saying "Vampires Begone!" with bulbs of garlic. I liked the idea!
I decided to just dress as a sort of "witch" to give out treats to the little goblins.

I didn't realize how scary I looked! One tiny girl was afraid to come up to the house and hid behind her mother the whole way up the driveway! She was so cute! I also had organ music playing from inside the house and another little girl said, "It sounds EVIL in there!"

Sorry for the next bout of blurry photos, but I still have trouble with this digital camera in the dark.

The graveyard was a huge hit. Some people took pictures of their kids and friends standing out in front of it! It was so busy, that we ran out of candy before 8:00! I had bought 250 treats to give out and they were all gone! Now I have to put everything away until next year....when I'll do it all again!


el pancake said...

very convincing bat!
..did you guys get to show off your Greek mythology costumes anywhere?

Suzanne Dargie said...

No...but there's always NEXT year. Speaking of which...I'm already working on another life-like animal prop!

Drazen said...

pretty great!

Willy Ashworth said...

Just so fine!!