Thursday, November 20, 2008

Toy Mandrake Root

I know, I know......Hallowe'en is over, but I just can't stop making new props for next year. I'm working on a fake "Spell Book" prop which is causing me to look up things I used to be interested in while going to High School. I used to get my hands on the Richard Cavendish encyclopedias called "Man, Myth and Magic" in the school library and read about herbology, numerology, astrology and stuff like that. I own an incomplete set right now, but some day I'll get my hands on a full set.

But I'm going off topic. Here is a little "toy" mandrake root that I made out of thin, thin leather and "silk" flower leaves. I'm not showing the back of him or you'll see all the stitching.

Here's a bit of a closer shot. He's going to be a companion to the book, sitting on a "witch's table" with a bunch of fake potions and stuff next Hallowe'en.

Doing the section on the Philosopher's Stone has intrigued me. Apparently, the base substance with which one starts to make into the "stone" (which is not a stone) sounds like it should be something like Primordial Ooze. Interesting........
At the end, you're supposed to end up with a resin-like substance which is red "like a red dragon tearing itself to pieces".....hence the creature at the the bottom of the page. I copied a bunch of old German woodcuts and stuff for the artwork to my book.


Willy Ashworth said...

Such a wonderfully casual pose!

Makes me crave a parsnip stew!!!

As always, very creative stuff Suzanne!!

Suzanne Dargie said...

PARSNIP!? He's a little Mandrake.

Kate Taylor Battle said...

I would love for you to post a tutorial on how you made the doll! It is so cute, and I would love to make one like it for a friend.

andrea the pomegranates said...

oh i am in love!! i love mandrakes and have drawn a few too including a postcard i have:
if you ever wanted to do a trade, i would be so up for it! I'm at hellosparrow at gmail dot com if interested ;P