Thursday, December 4, 2008

Felt Creations for Christmas

Now that it's December, I have to get out of Hallowe'en mode and into Christmas mode.

I love to make little felt animals and Christmas Tree ornaments.

Here we have three animals, a white tiger, a mouse and a squirrel. The tiger was made by Michelle Houston many years ago which I bought from her when we were still working at Nelvana. The mouse I made myself using a pattern by Teresa Levy.
I modified the mouse pattern and referred to the tiger (for the head) and came up with this squirrel. I used wool and wire for the tail using sort of a pompom making technique, and there you have it. I'm going to make a few for the Tree this year due to my sweetheart's obsession with squirrels. My kids love squirrels too. I call them "fluffy-tailed tree rats" because they like to steal the seeds that I put out for the birds! Oh well, I don't hate them.

Here are the only ornaments I still have that Michelle Houston made. There was also a rabbit and a kangaroo, but my children got their hands on them and now they're lost somewhere. The kangaroo was like the tiger and she even had a tiny Joey in her pouch. I think I had a couple more hobby-horses too.

These are some of the birds I've been working on. The Cardinals are my own design, but I have to admit, the "doves" are a design I copied after seeing similar ones on Etsy. Mine aren't for sale, they're just to hang on our own Tree. At the bottom is a Blue Jay I've begun because Rich was feeding them along with the squirrels this year. So I felt they should be included as ornaments as well. (I'll have to post another photo when it's finished.)

Here are two ornaments designed by my 7 year old. She drew them and I cut them out. I did most of the sewing, but she actually did do a little bit. She gave them to me to finish because she said I could sew a lot faster than her!

I'm only including the Santa in this photo because Sasha MacIntyre said I should. I really made it for a presentation my son had to do for school last year, but now it'll join the others on the Tree.

Now THESE are the tiniest felt creatures I've ever done. The elephant was from a pattern in a Miniatures magazine several years ago, and the tiny rabbit and squirrel were a part of the presentation my son had to do at school. Now they reside in the doll's house and I'm amazed I could find them!


Willy Ashworth said...

So...when do you ever sleep?

You are so prolific!!

Hope you are well.

Suzanne Dargie said...

Thanks Willy! Actually, I'm supposed to be working on Johnny Test again starting Monday, so I won't be able to devote much time to my crafts. I think I did them obsessively because I was out of work and at home all the time.