Sunday, December 7, 2008

Old Nelvana Photos

Okay....maybe they're not ancient, but they're pretty old. I took them around 1991 while I was working in the Layout department at 32 Atlantic Ave. I recently found this black and white contact sheet which Rich then scanned for me. The quality of these images aren't the clearest, but I became nostalgic looking at them and wanted to post them.

First there's Rob Sadler who now works at Starz and teaches part-time at Seneca College:Then John Lei, who was just a young pup at the time:
Chad Hicks, who was also fairly young:
Blayne Burnside who began in the design department:
Frank Ramirez, the Hallowe'en and stop-motion enthusiast:
Denis Gonzalez who was in the Posing department then. He was very much into photography and playing bass in "The Action Motion Men":
Cynthia Ward who was also in Posing. She now lives out West:
Brian Lee, who is never eager to have his photo taken, but I got him! (This is rare)
Chris Minz who I think enjoys being in the spotlight. He headed his own band called "Dr. Minz and the Chronic Harmonic" I'm not sure if he still has the band, but he's still in the animation industry and he does music videos for other bands:
Jeff Lyons, who was also "Jesus" in my Last Supper photo. He's currently working for Elliott Animation I believe:
Dale Desrochers who was in Layout and is now an art teacher:
Dermot Walshe, who loves motorcycles and drawing frogs. I think he's working independently now. Just Google his name and you'll find his website:
Luc Latulippe who now lives in British Columbia and has his own Illustration business:
Fred Wilmot, now has his own company, Horus Productions:
Well, that's it for this particular contact sheet. I'll have to dig through my old photos to see who else I can post.


Rich Dannys said...

That John Lei feller has got some real PANACHE!! I'd hand him extra points for "Style", for sure!

el pancake said...

Sweet Mary's ass, I look like someone off an old Mothers of Invention album cover..the cinder block wall helped keep me humble though.
...what other sneaky things do you have in your memory trunk?

Suzanne Dargie said...

Yes! John Lei has panache alright! Especially around a Mac computer!

And boy do I remember those cinder block walls. They were so cold in the winter, you could feel the wind whistlin' right through them!
I'm going to go diggin' in the memory trunk a little more when I have some spare time.

Willy Ashworth said...

I have a Mintz photo taken about 8 years earlier..same pose!

Brian Lee...same thing!

Denis always looks the same to me, but in a good wayI mean.